Internship Program

The Mike Shaw Automotive 10-week summer internship program has been carefully crafted with the purpose and mission of providing each student participant:

  1. Observation of and hands-on experience with the functions, operation and management of a local corporation.

  2. Working knowledge and exposure to every department within the dealership.

  3. First hand or shadow experience in the different employment positions of the dealership.

  4. Learning lab experience to discover, evaluate and provide solutions in written form in our “You’re the Future” project.

  5. Personal evaluations from an insider’s perspective of each department of the dealership.

  6. Opportunity to set individual educational goals and receive written assessments and evaluations from mentors.

  7. Paid and potential fulfillment of internship requirement.

Students will be challenged in the areas of communications, accounting, strategical reasoning, business management, corporate marketing, B2C Sales, financial analysis, logistics and supply-chain management.

Completion of the Mike Shaw Automotive summer internship program will provide a deeper understanding and working knowledge of operations and employment in a local multi-million-dollar business.  Broader scope of business knowledge facilitates growth into industry leaders regardless of business focus


Each Mike Shaw dealership is divided into five separate departments:

  • Sales: Well-trained representatives facilitate new and used purchases through customer interaction and product knowledge.

  • Finance: Arrange for installment payments, originate lease agreements and sell intangible products to provide consumers a better ownership experience.

  • Parts: Manages inventory and availability of parts for use in servicing customer vehicles as well as for wholesale and retail consumers.

  • Service: Analyzes customer issues, provides recommendations for resolution and performs vehicle maintenance.

  • Accounting/Business Office: Records and allocates every dollar generated, processes payments for all expenses, manages customer financial transactions and handles additional critical dealership functions.