About Mike Shaw Automotive

Dynamic, family owned and well established, the Mike Shaw name carries with it a well-earned reputation of excellence.  Respected and recognized in the business community, Mike Shaw Automotive Group offers opportunities in sales and service of multiple vehicle brands across 3 locations.  Although each dealership is independently managed, Mr. Shaw’s personal core values are ingrained into the fabric of each dealership. 

With a wide and diverse talent pool, individual employees embrace innovation while sustaining the standards originally set by Mike Shaw.  Management personnel at all levels of the organization nurture employee growth and encourage a work environment which fosters a healthy work/life balance.  More than 50 years after his original exposure to automotive sales, Mike Shaw’s drive continues with his active engagement in the business he founded.




Mike Shaw founded the family owned and operated Mike Shaw Automotive in the mid-1990s when he purchased a Chevrolet/Buick/Saab dealership in Denver.  Currently comprised of three dealerships in two states, Mike Shaw Automotive employs approximately 275 employees including two Shaw generations.


Mr. Shaw was raised in South Texas and is a 1964 graduate of Weslaco High School in Weslaco, Texas in the Rio Grande Valley. As a distinguished military student and graduate, Mike earned a degree in business management at Texas A&M University. While attending graduate school in 1968, he began working with extended family in the auto industry in Beaumont, Texas and discovered talent, affinity and enthusiasm for the business. Following graduation, Mike was an officer in the United States Army.  His service included a year in Vietnam and after completion, Mike returned to Texas to refocus his energy on a career in the automotive industry. Learning the business from the ground up, Mike has experienced every aspect of a car dealership.  Over 50 years after entering the dealership world, the passion and drive that have led to Mike Shaw’s success are unabated.


Mr. Shaw’s dealerships include:

  • Mike Shaw Subaru, Thornton CO (north of Denver)

  • Mike Shaw Toyota, Corpus Christi TX

  • Mike Shaw Kia, Corpus Christi TX


Staunch believers in community support, Mike and Nancy enjoy strong ties to all of the communities in which they live and own businesses.  Their generous contributions of time, talent and treasure to valuable and diverse causes have been recognized over the years and will continue into the future.

A dedicated family man, Mike and wife Nancy will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in 2019.  With three children and three grandchildren, Mike would love to see the next generation carry on the family business!